10 Summertime Diet Killers

July 18, 2012 – 07:15 am

A smiling man leaning over a grill filled with pieces of steak and ears of corn It’s summer! Barbecues, family reunions, baseball games, and lots of fried chicken, ribs, potato salad, ice cream, hot dogs and alcohol. It’s one of the biggest reasons we love this time of the year, but if you’re not careful, you could quickly pack on the pounds.

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Here are 10 diet dangers you need to watch out for this summer:

1. High-Fat Barbeque

Giant steaks, ribs, and hamburgers can wreak havoc on your waistline. Stay away from ribs and other cuts of meat with visible marbling (white streaks of fat) and fat around the edges. When possible, go for lean cuts like pork tenderloin or skinless chicken breast. Also, avoid burgers made with high-fat ground beef.

2. Hot dogs, Sausages, and Bratwurst.

Hot dogs and sausages are favorite summer treats for many Americans, but you might want to save them for baseball games. A typical hot dog has 280 calories, 15 grams of fat, and 1, 250 mg of sodium, while 6 ounces of kielbasa has 330 calories, 24 grams of fat, and 1, 590 mg sodium.

Source: BlackDoctor

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MONEY is huge issue and she was seen at er

For euthanasia because drooling,head tilt,stumbling and I thought her liver finally died(she has elavated liver enzymes) BUT dr. said it was vestibular dz and I could opt for antinausea meds and wait 3-4 days for improvement. it is 3 days after incident and she has only eaten the tiny bit of beef I have forced with med. She has in front of her, currently, and I have tried to push, dry kitten,bee...ions without spending $10 more dollars on gas. I AM KIND OF VENTING FROM stress so forgive plz. and I HAVE tried a post surgery recovery canned food and she turns away still. Like I said-I WILL give her until friday and am going to try to force feed her larger amounts in a little bit.(force sounds bad but i give her tiny amounts and just hold her mouth gentle and it does go down. still not much)

I buy most of my pet supplies online

I'm in Europe; how far are you planning to ship? ;)
Here's what I buy online:
High-quality food. For example: Applaws, Acana, and Orijen kibble; Grau & Bozita wet, among others.
High-quality treats, e.g. air-dried ear, organ, or meat chews; Cosma's "snackies", etc.
Flea/tick/hearworm meds. We buy Revolution online (with a prescription) as our vet doesn't carry it routinel...tter quality" actually means for each species and product type, and figure out how to keep your prices reasonable and competitive while generating sufficient income. If a site if marketed as "offering only the best!" and offers Purina kibble for cats, I'd be questioning their integrity :/
For a good example, we buy mostly from Not "perfect", but by far my favourite online vendor right now.

Our greyhounds & the foster have finicky tummies

When they go to blow-out, liquid diarrhea, we treat with metronidazole and switch to low-sodium chicken broth and rice (no kibble). If your dog does not like rice or it doesn't agree with him, you can use cooked oatmeal. Then, we gradually add the kibble back in monitoring the firmness of stool as we go.
We've tried them on what a lot of posters here recommend as higher quality foods, inc...ore loose stool in a greyhound.
They're doing well on Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach (Salmon). The trick will be to find what works for your grey's tummy.
When switching foods, you may want to go slower than you would with other breeds. You may also want to limit any extras in his diet (i.e. treats).
Good luck with your boy and thanks for rescuing a 45 mph couch potato!


What began as the largest pet food recall in history has turned into another indictment of food safety under profit-motivated capitalism--for people as much as for pets.
In mid-March, nearly three weeks after Menu Foods of Canada admitted it began receiving complaints from pet owners that the company's pet food was making their pets sick, the company finally notified the public about the p...n began to be reported by distraught pet owners.
This is but the latest outrage of food contamination in the world's foremost capitalist economy. The federal Centers for Disease Control "estimates that contaminated food causes 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths in the United States" EVERY YEAR, according to a 2004 report from the U.S. General Accounting Office.

My vets always discuss it

It's the first thing we talk about every year at their checkups. However, I don't think it ever hit home with me completely until I saw the effect weight could have on Ruby, my pit bull. One year she was limping badly, refusing to jump up on chairs, etc; after x-rays the vet told me she had a torn ACL and would probably need a TPLO, but that because the results tended to be much better for dogs ...ners that the numbers on the packaging of pet foods can be very misleading.
Also, cutting back the food is not always easy... with Ruby and Taffy, if I don't feed them what THEY consider "enough", they'll go outside and eat dirt, poop, bird seed off the ground, fruit (I have fruit trees), bugs, whatever they can find... but it's worth the extra vigilance to see how much healthier they are.

Enter Blue Dog Bakery's scruffy dog makeover contest  — KING5.com
“We know that between chasing balls, swimming in the lake, chowing down on Blue Dog Bakery treats, and overgrown coats, dogs can get pretty scruffy,” said Kyle Polanski, CEO of Blue Dog Bakery. “As we launch a fresh new look for Blue Dog Bakery, we …

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Our dogs Troy (the staffy) and Sophie (the chocolate Labrador) are jumping to get dog treats in the shape of sausages but on the last one Sophie
Dog bites finger trying to get sausage
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Merrick Sausage Dog Treats at PETCO

Merrick Sausage Dog Treats. Our process for creating our famous sausages begins with only the finest fresh ingredients. We start with real meats from USDA.

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Milo's Kitchen Beef Sausage Slices with Rice Dog Treats. It's easy to see that each piece of Milo's Kitchen Beef Sausage Slices with Rice are made with real.

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Our Winning Value Sausage-Shaped Dog Treats are beef flavored chewy treats that dogs can't resist. Flavored with real beef and shaped like little sausages.

Sausages Dog Treat by Pets at Home | Pets at Home

You are here: Home; Sausages Dog Treat by Pets at Home.
Pork Sausages are the perfect size to treat your dog anytime, anywhere and also make a great.

Video of our four rescue dogs sitting nicely and being given their treats consisting of grilled sausages.
Our four wonderful rescue dogs nicely accepting their treats :)
Discovery / Science Channels
How Its Made Hot Dogs
Even mans best friend deserves a treat on his birthday and as its Inas friends dogs special day she decides to throw a
Barefoot Contessa - Pooch Party (Part 2)

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  • Avatar paddlinglikecrazy How do I resoften dog reward treats that have dried out?
    Dec 31, 2006 by paddlinglikecrazy | Posted in Dogs

    1 week ago I bought these liver dog treats that I'm supposed to break into smaller pieces as a reward when training my pup. Unfortunately, they dried out already and aren't working too well because there isn't much of a smell in a dry piece of treat. Plus, it's nearly impossible to break them up into small chunks. They are about the size of a small round sausage. How can I make them soft again? Thanks!

    • In future use only enough for your immediate training needs and keep in a air tight container no problem. rod

  • Avatar FreedomLovingRepublican Can I give my dog sausage to train him?
    Oct 03, 2007 by FreedomLovingRepublican | Posted in Dogs

    My 3 month old Pug doesn't like any of the doggie treats that I have given him so far. But I think I will need to use treats to train him. I know that he loves sausage I have given it to him a few times. I'm just a little worried about the impact on his health. I would, of course give him very small pieces.

    • Sausages will be fine, but don't buyu spicey ones. Godd old pork will be fine, just don't over-do it. A small piece at a time is all that is required.