Sunday Evening Bunny Blogging

September 29, 2012 – 01:30 pm

A few weeks ago, I took my dog, Nola Mae, for a walk. After digging in some bushes for a minute, she emerged, facing away from me, squeaking something she found.

I didn’t think much of it since dogs in the neighborhood drop/bury balls and other toys with squeakers in them all the time. She comes home with a new toy she found outside about twice a month.

But when Nola finally turned around, the head of a two or three-week-old rabbit was sticking out of her mouth. (I never imagined how realistic the sound of squeaker in a dog toy is – sounds just like the real thing.) Like any dog owner, I knew that if I tried to take something from my dog’s mouth, it would cause her to bite down even harder. I also knew that meant a decapitated bunny.

So I choked my precious little pup until she was about to tap out. That caused her to open her mouth to gasp for air and, when she did, the baby rabbit dropped to the ground with a thud.

I tied Nola up and grabbed the motionless rabbit off the ground. After performing bunny CPR on the little thing, the baby rabbit perked up and seemed like it might live. I found its nest or den or whatever you call a hole with three little baby rabbits in it and tucked it back in. The next day, when I checked on the rabbits, the attack victim seemed as healthy as its siblings.

Source: The Agitator

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Thank you

I will get her to a vet as asap. She does seem to be in pain because of the panting. but for all I know it could be heart trouble.
A couple of months ago I noticed her coat was dull, and she seemed 'just not right'.
Hr skin was dry and she took to sleeping on the hard floor rather than any bed.
The vet looked her over and took blood tests. found nothing but slightly elevated pr... the preventative. WHat about snake bite
yesterday? ( we are not from this part of the country) She has tended to be heavy, but thinking back, unless that roomate is still slipping in treats, I would expect her to be looking thinner now. she gets same exersice...
She has always been such a strong healhy dog. I hate his.
ah, I see she has fallen asleep. resps slower.

Update: BF's niece was bitten by my dog

A little update for those who were here last night to hear me vent..
So last night BF's niece got two stitches on her nose. The doctor said if they take good care of the wound, she will not have a scar. No one had said anything to blame my dog or my stupid BF(except me), and nothing about AC had been mentioned.
I also got more story out of my BF about how it happened last night. He ...f the 3yr old will be afraid of dogs for the rest of her life, I actually hope she will stay away from my dog from now on. Sorry, I mean I do like his niece, but I love my dog and I want to protect my dog, because my dog is my little girl. I am just tired of always being the one to teach her manners around a dog and I'm not good at teaching, I'd much rather be the crazy fun auntie.

Suggestions! (very long!)

1. You said in a previous post he's bad on-leash. What kind of leash/collar and position are you using? For more control of him, use a short non-retractable leash (4 ft probably) and a collar that goes around high on his neck, right behind his ears. Think about how people in dog shows place the collars when showing their dogs. He'll fight it (think: bucking bronco) but the second you two start w... threatening. Do this only a couple times and then stop. Don't touch him unless there's a treat in your hand.
3. Give it time! How long have you had him? I've had Chewy for 8 months and he's just now seeking us out for attention and petting. He's a 6yo pom mix. He had fearful biting/aggression issues. Brushing and baths are still evil to him, but the more we work on it, the better he gets.

How 'bout this:

You go and find differing facts, and get back to me. Your nitpicking is annoying and counterproductive.
"Legally recognized rescue foster" - LOL - yes, *so* many reputable rescues give entire litters of puppies to 19-year-olds with 5 other dogs in order to SELL THEM.
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will sit for is definately NOT DONE GROWING... is not fixed (still has its b*lls) and ears are clipped and
ready to show... $300 OBO (obo meaning very very willing to negotiate,
super flexible w/price). MOMS WONT LET ME KEEP DOG..HAS TO GO VERY
These are from YESTERDAY.

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