Leo's Lip Licking Littles - Dog Cookie Recipe

October 21, 2012 – 07:36 pm

Dehydrated Dog Cookie Recipe


4  Chicken breasts

2  Apple sauce cups unsweetened (4 oz ea) 

1  Bag of frozen green beans cooked (12 oz)

3  Cups oatmeal uncooked (original f...


Starting with:

Bake 4 chicken breasts in a covered dish at 350 degrees for approximately 1 hour, if frozen cook for about 90 minutes.  Check chicken breasts' internal temperature with a meat thermometer, it should be around 170 when done.  Or cut the chicken in half and the center should no longer be pink.  Place in food processor until it looks like this:

Source: Blue Skies for Me Please

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Please don't give your pets Thanksgiving food-

Especially dogs! Its a recipe for Pancreatitis, a condition that is deadly. When dogs are not used to eating rich foods (like gravy,giblets, or stuffing) their pancreas kicks into overdrive in order to produce the enzymes it thinks are necessary to digest this foreign food. The pancreas then becomes swollen and your dog starts vomiting. If left untreated you will find yourself with a lethargic, dehydrated dog within hours. Treatment requires hospitalization with fluids.
If you want to give them a special treat go to the pet store and buy them special pet food.

Dog cookies

Dog Treat Recipe
2 eggs
2 cups potato flour (available at any store including Wal-Mart)
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup peanut butter (or oil but PB works better)
2-3 cups mashed sweet potato(a little more or a little less depending on how wet they are) or 24oz of baby food (apple/sweet potato/ etc)
Sweet potato makes them crunchier while baby food makes t... cookie sheets. They can be pretty close because they don't really expand. Bake at 325 for about 10 minutes until light golden brown. Turn off oven but leave them in. They will get much browner as they cool in the oven so don't overcook them. The recipe can be cut in half because it does make a lot of quarter sized cookies.
Sweet potatoes can also be dehydrated, but I have never done that.

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Dehydrating Dog Treats

Dehydrating Dog Treats. Natural preservatives, better shelf life,.
Depending on your recipe and the amount of sugars and / or honey that you use,.

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